Month: March 2024

How To Fix Cracks In Concrete Patio

Mar 30, 2024321 Views

Cracks in a concrete patio can look uninviting but also provide a home for weed growth, collect debris and can be a tripping hazard. Shifting soil and freeze thaw events are some of the most common causes of cracks in concrete slab. Smaller cracks can grow bigger and wider. In some cases, one side of […]

How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost In Tomball, TX?

Mar 15, 2024453 Views

Roof inspection is a common practice among homeowners in Tomball, TX. With installing roofs comes multiple costs to maintain, repair and replace it. One of which includes inspection costs where you hire professional help to review the health of your roof, ensuring its integrity over years. What Does Roof Inspection Include? A roofing inspector is […]

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