5 Types Of Roofs You Must Use For Your Home

For a house, the roof is the main thing that shelters us. Protect us from horrible storms, rain, disaster, or earth-quack. The importance of a roof is a lot; imagine the whole house is constructed but without a roof. It is a ridiculous thought because it never happens. For a place, the top must be made of solid material that can resist terrible disasters.

Types of Roofs

The type of roof is the main thing in constructing the top of a house or apartment building. We often get the kinds of canopy you must use for your home written down in property listing, as it is a crucial aspect to consider when you are looking to move. Besides, many types of roofs you must use for your home are out there, and each looks best when paired with different kinds of gutters accessories; if you are trying to renovate the structure of a house and buildings, then you should be familiar with the material. There are most types of roofs you must use for your home.

1- Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle is a demand roofing material today for every house owner. It is more efficient in terms of cost than other roofing materials. The single roof is covered with waterproof asphalt shingles made up of copper rain gutter, which are laid on the top to let the water run down without soaking in the pillars and keep your home very dry when appropriately installed.

Their asphalt shingle is extensively present in vicious colors and styles. The asphalt shingle is affordable and depends on the size of your roof. Furthermore, there are two types of asphalt shingles out there. There are:

1) Organic Asphalt

Organic asphalt is commonly made from recycled material like recycled paper. The shingle is made from the recycled material as based, and the asphalt is layered over it. The asphalt helps to create the waterproof that helps keep your house dry. Organic shingles are an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious option.

2) Fiberglass Asphalt

Fiberglass asphalt shingle is made from fiberglass, which is covered with asphalt. Asphalt is usually mixed with ceramic pieces that reflect the UV lights. These two types of asphalt shingles must be used for your home.

2- Metal Roofing

Maintenance of the roof becomes ordinarily everyday work. Metal roofing is one of the ordinary and efficient roofing. It contains low maintenance and only needs to be repainted when it becomes dull. Besides, it takes low cost in repainting as well. The types of roofs are complicated to install. Make sure to handle this metal roofing only for those who are professionals in installing rooftops.

Or afterward, you will experience a lot of issues. The reason people choose this option is that they are environmentally friendly choice and can be customized in many different colors and styles that you wish. Metal roofing retired after ages, so people use it for their homes.

3- Tile Roofing

The tile roof is fastly famous all over the country. The tile roof is made from clay and concrete. There is a trick to installing the tile roof. The tile roof is installed from the bottom to the rooftop, with each layer interlocking with the one below. The tile roofs contain low maintenance, like they require minor regular repair due to durability and resilience, and can rely on up to 50 years.

Moreover, tile roofs are environmentally friendly. The tile usually contains recycled materials, and they are easily recycled themselves. Besides, they give low-cost energy, especially in a warm climate, since they do not transmit heat easily. That’s the reason most people must use tile roofs in their homes.

4- Slate Shingles

Slate is a sophisticated and elegant appearing roof type. They are not rot, making them perfect for keeping your home free from water. Plus, they are easy to maintain and can last up to 100-years. Slate roofing has a wide range of styles and colors as you want. You will also customize the slate shingles according to your matching colors.

Moreover, it looks nice and does an excellent job as a roofing material. It gives a fantastic view after installation. The slate shingles are heavy, so you must install them by the professionals who specialize in using them. Otherwise, you will run into different problems. So be careful before installing it.

5- Cedar Shake Shingles

Wooden shakes can resist harsh climates, making them perfect for the most atmosphere. The cedar shake shingles are climate or environmentally friendly roof choices and can be built from recycled material. They barely affect the water that runs off your home and make it safer from reentering the environment. They are durable for more than 30 years before needing to be replaced; cedar is an excellent natural insulator that is great for cutting down the heating.

If you want to improve the insulating system of your roof, be sure to check out your roof because this is the most prominent place where there is a lot of chance of leaking the heat. So that’s the reason people prefer cedar shake shingle to install on the roof.


The roofing is the central part of the house, and we cannot construct a home without a roof. There are five types of roofs that you must use for your home. Ceilings that we listed in the above article. Hope! It will be helpful when planning to renovate your roof or structure. If you have questions or concerns contact Homeward Roofing straight away and we’ll assist you with the best possible solution.

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