Calling For A Professional Roof Inspection In Tomball, Tx – Things To Expect

If you suspect issues with your roof structure or function, or are looking to get annual roof inspection service in Tomball TX, we have compiled a few important things to note!

What Is A Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is a simple checking of the overall condition of your roof. The ultimate purpose of professional roof inspection is to determine any faults and whether it is currently performing as it should. Two of the main reasons to call for professional roof inspection is to learn about your roof’s life and its sustenance for the coming years. In addition to that, it also reflects positively to detect any leaks or functional issues overall.

What Roofing Components Are Inspected During

Roof inspection is an overarching process to check the overall structure and function. Here is a list of things your roof inspector might check!

Number of Layers

The first and foremost thing checked by a professional roofing inspector is the number of layers your roof currently has. If you are looking to replace the roof, the cost is determined depending on the total layers needed to be torn off. This is also deemed important to track any sources of leaks.

Drip Edge

Drip edge is installed at the edges of the roof to keep water away from the fascia and seeping through your roofing components. This is an extremely important step in order to gauge the rightful installation of roofs to sustain over years without posing any water damage.

Roof Decking

Another element checked during professional roof inspections is roof deckings. Shingles are torn to visibly detect compromised decking. This calls for repair or replacement depending on the extent of damage.

Roofing Material

There are various kinds of roofing materials such as tiles, shingles or metal which are checked for any missing, damaged or deteriorating components that call for professional roof repair services.

Roof Penetrations

A roof penetration is any household component which sticks through your roof such as gas vents, vent pipes, roof vents etc. As they come out of your roof, items must be sealed using the finest skill and material to prevent water from getting into your home.

Roof Flashing

Metal components which are used to integrate walls, chimneys or open valleys are known as flashing. During your roof inspection in Pearland, TX, roof flashing is checked for any rust or material deterioration due to age, weather or humidity levels.

Gutter and Downspouts

Any open seams, cracks or blockages that may hinder water drainage are taken into consideration during professional roof inspections. They might also look for pooling water to determine any installation malfunction.

How Long Does A Roof Inspection Take

There is no definitive answer to this as time may vary depending on the roof’s size, complexity, and accessibility. Usually, it takes one to three hours to complete. But, it could take longer if the roof is complex, big and multiple stories above the ground.

Final Words

If you want to get your roof checked for any suspected issue, or whether you are putting your house on sale, our professional roof inspection service at Homeward Roofing & Exteriors can help you detect, track and repair issues at extremely competitive prices. Call us at (832) 899-4420 to schedule a visit.

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