How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost In Tomball, TX?

Roof inspection is a common practice among homeowners in Tomball, TX. With installing roofs comes multiple costs to maintain, repair and replace it. One of which includes inspection costs where you hire professional help to review the health of your roof, ensuring its integrity over years.

What Does Roof Inspection Include?

A roofing inspector is scheduled for a visit to look for any damages, unusual wear and tear, leaks or other issues that could compromise the structural and functional value of your roofing system – leading to more complicated issues. Roof inspection includes the following tasks:

  • The roofing inspector will look closely at the roof structure for any sign of wear and tear, sagging or uneven surface. They will check for leaks and other parts of the roofing system such as gutter, fascia and soffit. Any damage to the chimney cap or attic venting is also recorded during the roof inspection in Tomball, TX.
  • The conditions of the material are also verified to be in perfect shape and condition including flashing, shingles and fasteners. All shingles should be symmetric and aligned, as well as free of stains and moss.
  • An overall roof inspection in Tomball, TX also includes looking at the interior of your home such as ceilings, attic and interior walls. This helps determine the possibility of roof leaks, signs of mold and rot.
  • During your roof inspection in Tomball, TX, you can also ask them to confirm proper workmanship throughout your roofing structure. This will entail checking of correctly installed flashing, chimney or skylights. Roof inspections are a great way to double check working conditions of your roof and claim warranty to make repairs.

How Do I Know That I Need A Roof Inspection

While roof inspection should be timed yearly, here are some reasons that you need to call your roofing inspector in Tomball, TX immediately.

  • Noticed leaks coming through the ceiling
  • Experienced harsh weathers such as snow, hail or hurricanes
  • Waived a home inspection when buying new property
  • Want to put your house on sale
  • Received a request from your insurance company.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Roof Inspection?

Roof inspection costs might be influenced by different factors that homeowners in Tomball, TX must consider.

  • All roofs are different in size and structure, hence the varying prices for each. Larger roofs with high square feet are priced higher, needing more labor and time than smaller roofs.
  • Roof slope and accessibility are also linked with the cost of inspection. With sloped and steeper roofs, there must be extra precautions, precise labor and equipment raising the final cost.

Final Words

Homeward Roofing & Exteriors extends its services for all kinds of roof inspection in Tomball TX. If you suspect issues with roofing or have a long overdue inspection on hold, call us at (832) 899-4420 to schedule a visit.

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