How To Fix A Leaky Gutter

Gutters are responsible for warding off water coming from rain and other sources from seeping and damaging the property. Extended exposure to tough weather conditions can likely damage the gutter creating holes, cracks, leaks and corrosion, preventing it from functioning properly. While a small leak may seem insignificant, it could cause extensive damage within no time. In order to save yourself from extensive and growing damage having to pay more for repair and renovation cost, here is a step-by-step guide to take prompt action for sealing any leaks in your gutter.

Clean Out Debris

A gutter is susceptible to leaks depending on the age and water flow. Before jumping right in with sealing, it is important to assess the site and locate the leaks. It can occur at endcaps, seams or downspouts. First of all, clear the gutters from any debris that has accumulated around.

Scrub, Clean and Dry

Clean it using warm water and soap covering the surrounding area. Dry it with a soft cloth and then wipe the area with rubbing alcohol. This will ensure a good sealant application in the next step.

Apply Sealant

Choose a sealant that endures all kinds of weather conditions for a long-term solution to minor leaks. Leaks can be the beginning of a slow death to your drainage system with high chances of damaging your property. Let the seal sit for hours as recommended and press the materials intact with firm pressure.

Fixing Large Holes

In addition to smaller leaks, there are chances that your gutter might signal problems in end caps, seams, joints, downspouts, or even larger holes which may require professional expertise to fix them. While smaller holes may be repaired by sealing, larger holes may require a different technique. Let us now explain the procedure you can follow if the hole is larger for the sealant to stay put.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to prepare the site beforehand. After doing the required debris removal and cleaning, then cut a strip of flashing wide enough to cover for the damaged site. Then apply roofing cement to ember the material into it. Make sure that the cut-out piece is fully covered into the roofing cement. Flatten the surface to make sure that the water flow is not hampered due to unequal surface level. Let it stay for drying completely as advised on the packaging. Flush the area with water to verify if the hole has been sealed properly and the water does not drain out.

Do You Need Professional Help?

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