How To Prevent Gutters From Freezing In Winters

Attention homeowners in Tomball TX, as we approach extreme winters in town, this is your call to keep check if your gutters are working properly. With decreasing temperatures and heavy snowfall, this season demands the right preparation as long seasons of extreme cold weather, ice and snow can significantly degrade the functioning of your gutters and overall drainage system.

What Happens If Your Gutter Does Not Function Properly?

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s structure and function. They direct unwanted water to drains. If you your gutter system is exposed to freezing issues, you are likely to experience these issues:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Crack in paints
  • Water damage to walls and ceiling
  • Wood rot
  • Foundation damage
  • Basement flooding

Things You Can Do for A Freezing Gutter

Here are a few ways you can successfully get away with a freezing gutter.

Install Heat Panels

A heat panel consists of a wire or other heating element that runs through the entire pipe layout preventing water from freezing. Wires help the pipes keep warm and melt deposited snow before it starts to accumulate.

Clean Your Gutters

Just like everything else in your house, gutters also need regular cleaning and upkeep. If they have dirt and debris, snow might get blocked inside causing water retention. In order to find the best way to prevent your gutters from freezing, hire a professional gutter cleaning service in Tomball TX for clearing blockages and buildup.

Install Gutter Guards

These are filter railings for your gutter. They sit on top of your pipes as a fence that prevents things from entering allowing for a steady water flow, less buildup and snow.

Sloped Gutters

In order for gutters to perform best at their jobs, they should be sloped rather than flat so water can be directed away. Flat roofing can lead to standing water, and in winters it can translate to frozen water.

Shovel Your Roof

In case of an unexpected snowstorm, take your shovel and start clearing the snow. This will prevent snow from accumulating and clearing it sooner will help avoid pressure and stop ice from freezing.
Things You Should Avoid If Your Gutter Freezes

If your gutter freezes, these are the things you should avoid doing:

  • Do not use a hammer to break ice.
  • Do not use table salt as a DIY as it can corrode your gutter structure in the long run.
  • Do not use a blowtorch or hair drying to melt ice.

Call For Expert Assistance

Do the needful for frozen gutters but if you think you cannot handle it on your own, call for professional help!

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